Star Wars Celebration 2019 is in Chicago

Han Solo in Return of the Jedi | Lucasfilm

In case you’re the kind of person that likes to plan ahead, tickets are on sale for Star Wars Celebration 2019, which runs from April 11-15. Even better? The events will take place at McCormick Place in Chicago (which is local for me, and many of the early readers at The Cloud City Chronicle).

Here is a general statement about what Star Wars Celebration is all about:

Star Wars Celebration is the place for Star Wars fans to gather with their global community, make memories with friends old and new, and revel in the past, present and future of the greatest galactic saga ever told. Spend a weekend immersed in a Star Wars experience featuring cast and crew appearances, Star Wars cosplay at its finest, exclusive merchandise, live entertainment, screenings, behind-the-scenes panels, select exhibits, and never-before-seen glimpses into the future of Star Wars!

I have my pass already, and I’m hoping that in the next 10 months we’ll have podcasts, video, more contributors, and other cool stuff that will help build a following within the Star Wars community. The Cloud City Chronicle is about so much more than just one franchise, but Star Wars is a huge part of what we are.

Expect more information as time goes on, and feel free to pass along suggestions in the comment section or on Twitter. Would you be interested in attending a casual meet-up among fans? Ideas are welcome!

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